Artist Profiles

Artist Profile:

Mark Kertzman

Mark, or as people in his native land of cambridge massachusets call him Maak, is a spectacular artist who started pursuing his passion for painting at 60 years old. He went from doubting his abilities to even paint a single painting to creating over 500 different paintings, having his own exhibitions, and having one of his paintings about NFL superstar Tom Brady featured in an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. Check out his website at

Artist Profile:

Lauren Monique

Lauren Monique has honed her artistic talent throughout her entire life. Now at the age of 25 she sells prints of her very popular paintings at local art shows all throughout the bay area. In addition to being a local artist and vendor, Lo won the popular vote at the artist competition hosted in San Jose taking home a $100 prize and the opportunity to have her amazing piece entitled “Keep Growing Keep Going” Featured on a bag of Collectible Coffee. Please give her a follow on instagram @artbylo

Behind The Art

Megan Yama

Megan Yama is a self taught illustrator and painter from the Bay Area. She is currently on her last year at Kyoto University of Art and is majoring in illustration and graphic design. She is inspired by nature and it’s organic shapes and bold colors, but is also influenced by manga and Japanese fashion. She hopes to become a freelance artist and open her own cafe/gallery one day.